Nano-Oil 5W 8ml Micro Oiler

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5 weight Armament & Industrial NanoLube,  specially formulated for deep & fast penetration, some engineers have dubbed this formulation “WD40 on steroids“, unlike WD40  which stands for “Water Displacement” basically help unfreeze parts & will evaporate after its duty, a minimal amount of WD40 stays behind.

The high concentration in Nano-Oil of the active ingredient called Nano-Bearings will stay in place after unfreezing oxidized (rusted) parts & components treated. In most cases such parts will actually function again: shafts in bushings, roller bearings, etc.

Parts treated should function for a long time, however common sense dictates replacing those failed parts in due time.


NanoLube formulations are compatible with most existing lubricants on the market today both synthetic & mineral.

The Nano-Bearings concentration level is such that adding a few drops to a common lubricant will improve dramatically its anti friction qualities.